When you grow up, you can be any status you want to be

realized earlier today that i have a really strong desire to conceal things about me that are low-status, or to be especially open about them, in a ballsy way that actually grants me more status

tempted to experiment with just being low-status

but if i were to just say things that make me low-status, that would just benefit my status because of the bravery/ballsiness

guess i’d have to reveal info reluctantly and shamefully for maximum cringe

— @acidshill, Jul 16, 2020

Some notes on this:

Almost every time you talk to a normal human, you can play any status you want to play. You don't need to have low-status or high-status attributes. You just pick which status you want to be — and off you go.

Playing both low status and high status can be fun/useful. You don’t have to choose, once and for all, which status to present or to strive towards. You are large. You contain multitudes. Low status and high status are not numbers; they are qualitatively different, exactly like e.g. submission and domination, and you can want both.

With peers in particular, you want to play both low status and high status. In a relationship of equals, you aren't locked into a particular status, and so it's much easier to switch from low to high status and back, many times per conversation even. It's fun. It makes talking to you less bland.

You can stop craving high status by untying your self-worth from what people think about you. I give one way to achieve this in Judge everyone and everything.

Sometimes it will fail and you will genuinely feel like you inherently are low-status or high-status. It's okay. Again: you are large. You contain multitudes. You can be all wise and "yeah I can play any status" one day, "shit I'm so stupid" the other day. Being one thing all the time is counterproductive. By being different things at different times, you will figure out more and achieve more than by trying to be one thing all the time.